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For any one who has one of our puppies evacuated from Fort McMurray if you need help with housing your pets, crates or food please call me. We are willing and able to help. 780-271-4154.

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For Mother's Day

Pictured Lacey and her grandaughter on Lacey's 10th Birthday.

Mothers Day brings me to thinking about my all time favorite Momma Boxer, DOM Lookaways Lace So Fine. She truly is one of the great ones and is the back bone of my breeding program today. Lacey just turned 10 in May and is still the picture of health. Most people would think she is 4 years old not 10. Growing old gracefully is in her lines as all her parents and grand parents lived into their teens too. A DOM (dam of Merrit with the kennel Club), Lacey has brought much joy to sick kids and adults doing pet therapy. Lacey has given us many healthy puppies. She gave our family 3 beautiful boxers: Champion Lookaways Lily, Champion Lookaways Big N Rich, and Champion She Runs Guns. To date, none of her puppies have ever had any health problems and some of them are getting old too. Lacey has raised 2 orphan litters, one of boxers for a fellow breeder and one of tiny Cocker Spaniels for my friend Sharon. The Cocker Spaniels were born permature and should not have lived, but did with Lacey's love and mothering. Lacey is turly one of the Great Ones and we will look back on in the future and have peace of mind knowing our puppies carry on her lines in their pedigrees.


Happy Birthday & Happy Mothers Day to the Greatest Momma Boxer we ever bred or have known. ----- Shannon Comeau


Penny our Rocky x Honey daughter pictured with Cesar Millan and her owner Clair after play time on the show.  Penny was on the show to exhibit normal puppy behavior.  She was a real hit.

New International Preformance Champion, CKC Champion Lookaways Grisam

Puppies To New Homes

Grandma, Lookaways Lace So Fine @ 10 years old, swimming with her great great granddaughter.

" Rocco " (above) is one of Rocky's kids. I always say boxers are what you make them.  Rocco's owner Michael has taught Rocco lots of great tricks.  To see Rocco and Michael in action go to boxerswrld and view.

Rescued Dogs

Pictures may be upsetting but people need to know the truth of what some dogs go through and what happens in the puppy mills.

This is our last rescue.  She has made a full recovery with many thanks to the Uncas Vet Clinic.  Her name is Nova and she came in very poor health suffering from frost bite and puncture wounds that had become infected and neglect.  We rescued 6 boxers Last January all in bad shape and she is the only one left.  She needs a special home.  She is now crate trained, house trained and getting along with other dogs.


This is Rosie.  She came into our care 2 months ago.  She is still putting on weight.  In our care she was treated for a GI infection and brought up to date on deworming and vaccinations.  She is good with other animals and loves children.  Rosie will make a great family pet.  We are working on house and crate training.  We are currently looking for a good home for Rosie.  For more information please call 780-271-4154.

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