Dwayne and Shannon Comeau

PO Box 20009 Leduc Down Town Leduc AB T9E-6R2


Office: 780-900-8542      Email: comeau2@telus.net

Shannon and I were both born and raised on Vancouver Island, in rival towns; she grew up in Chemainus and I in Ladysmith. We met in Ladysmith Secondary School when Shannon moved to Ladysmith and we were asked to choose a project partner. We graduated in 1985, later married and began to raise a family. We have three children, Kyle, Ashley and Cameron.


 Shannon had owned and loved horses most of her life, and though I had not owned a horse before, I had fond memories of riding other peoples horses. I began learning about the different breeds and liked what I had read about Morgans. I had looked at other breeds but to me there was, and still is, something special about the Morgan breed. In 1987 we saw an ad for a Reg. Morgan filly (Canbre's Princess) she was in Courtney and by the time we found the place it was dark and rainy and we had to view the filly by flashlight, she was small skinny and soaking wet but we there seemed to be a certain spark to her that caught the eye and we decided to buy her and so began our love of Morgans.


 The first Morgan we produced was in 1991 and the first one to have our prefix was Morgan Hill Stradivarius in 1993. We have purchased, shown and bred many Morgans since and have built many friendships and memories along the way.


 Our first Boxer dog, Dale's Ruffles, was purchased in 1994 and our love of Boxers began. We had friends with Boxers and had seen how great they were with children and how they retained the exuberance of youth throughout their lives.


 We continue to own, show and improve on our breeding programs for both our Morgan horses and Boxer dogs.


 - Dwayne Comeau


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